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October 26, 2017

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Is Your Sales Funnel Earning $24,000 per Month Automatically?

October 19, 2017

Is Your Sales Funnel Earning $24,000 per Month Automatically?

If not, then read on…

And by the way, this is an advanced variation of the Skype slots technique taught earlier. You might start with that one, and then graduate to this one when you’re ready.

If you think about what’s living in the ocean, you’ll realize there’s everything from so-small-you-can’t-see-it plankton, to whales the size of apartment buildings.

The same holds true for people on your lists and in your funnels.

There’s the freebie seekers and tire kickers who will never become customers. Yes, I suppose you could say they’re the plankton. And they get directly or indirectly eaten by most everything else in the sea.

Working your way up, you’ve got tiny fish, bigger fish, crazy big fish, dolphins, small whales and HUGE whales.

Which is to say, you’ve got buyers who will buy the $7 ebook, ones who purchase the $47 product, some who buy the $297 course, and even a few who will spend thousands of dollars if you let them.

But if you’re not providing these big spenders with the opportunity to spend big money, then YOU are missing out. Big time.

So let’s talk about trust. Someone joins your list and doesn’t know you from the hairball your cat threw up last week.

But they read your stuff, like it, and buy that $7 ebook.

Wow, they’re impressed and they want more. They purchase that $47 product of yours, devour it, and want more.

So they buy the $297 product and they’re still happy. In their minds and hearts, you have progressed all the way from stranger-danger to THE ALL-KNOWING EXPERT, and they are looking to you for the answers.

So what do they want? Depends on your niche, of course, but let’s say it’s online marketing and they want to build a five figure a month funnel.

Think about that – five figures a MONTH. Very doable, but they need help.

They’ve purchased your comprehensive, A-Z course that tells them exactly what to do every step of the way. For this privilege, they’ve paid $297, or $497, or whatever you charge for your very best course – the one that is worth FAR MORE than what you charge.

Now then, you have identified them as being either a very big fish, or perhaps a whale. So what do you do?

99 out of 100 marketers at this point will try to sell them an affiliate product. Big mistake.

Remember, in their eyes YOU are the expert. So why are you trying to sell them somebody else’s course? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to them at this point. Maybe in a couple of months if they haven’t purchased anything else, THEN you sell them on someone else’s product. But right now YOU are what they want.

So here’s what you do – immediately after the sale of your big course, you offer them your personal one-on-one help in building their 5 figure a month sales funnel.

Once a week they can jump on Skype with you for an hour and ask you ANYTHING. You will hold their hand, keep them accountable and help them to build that funnel FAST.

And for this one-on-one help, you will charge $2,000 a month. Or more or less, depending on how comfortable you are. I know major marketers who charge $3,000 to $5,000 for this exact type of coaching.

Of course, this is only going to appeal to people who are truly serious and also have the money to invest in their future. These are the same folks who can afford to outsource most everything on their funnel, as well as pay for advertising to immediately begin making real money.

If they don’t take your offer right away, you make the offer again in a day, and again and again over the next couple of weeks.

But you only take 10 or so clients at one time, because hey, you are investing your time into this and you only have so much time in your day.

Things to know:

This is an offer you make in-house only. No big launches, no affiliates. It’s only for the big whales on your list who know you, trust you, and are serious about getting real results fast.

Yes, $2,000 or more sounds like a lot. But for the right kind of client, it’s an outstanding investment. For example, $2,000 a month to build a five figure a month income? It’s a no–brainer if they have the money.

Clients who take your offer will naturally get better results and FASTER results because of your coaching, compared with those who go at their own pace with your course.

You are keeping them on track, keeping them accountable, and helping them overcome any obstacles they might face. Plus when people invest that kind of money, they get serious about what they’re doing.

Because you already have a step-by-step course, everything is already laid out for them. Thus you won’t have to worry about teaching a lot of detail on the calls. Instead, you’re focused on helping them make serious progress fast.

If you’re not comfortable starting at $2,000, then pick your own number. Get testimonials from your clients, and increase your fees accordingly.

If you took a poll of online marketers who make more than $100,000 per year, I bet you’d find that at least 4 out of 5 paid for 4-figure a month coaching when they were learning. That’s why they make six figures now.

One last thing: If you have 10 clients each month paying you $2,000 a month, that means you are starting each month with $24,000 of income. And that’s in addition to the rest of your marketing efforts.


Simply Irresistible Prospect Lead Magnets

October 18, 2017

I’m going to use the online marketing niche as our example to explain this technique, but keep in mind this could work equally well in other niches, too.

Consider this: When people have a specific problem that’s driving them crazy, they’ll do almost anything to fix that problem NOW.

For example, a bride-to-be has an acne outbreak the day before her wedding – what wouldn’t she do to fix her problem?

A woman is in immediate danger of losing her job – what wouldn’t she do to convince her boss not to fire her?

Parents are losing their child to alcohol – what wouldn’t they do to save their child?

Their need is great and immediate. Do you think they might pay to find the solution? Of course. Do you think they would enter their email address into an opt-in form to get the solution? You bet they would!

So how do we use this knowledge in a niche such as online marketing? Simple: If you pay attention to forums and blogs, you’ll notice there’s always some sort of online marketing crisis.

For example, Google just changed how they rank websites, and now thousands of online marketers are losing tons of money. Think they might like the solution?

Paypal is suddenly seizing accounts without warning and freezing the funds. Would the account owners like an answer on how to unfreeze their accounts? Would everyone else like to know how NOT to get their accounts frozen? You bet.

Facebook just changed (fill in the blank) and now marketers are unable to (fill in the blank) or maybe they’re banned, or…

Aweber just did the unthinkable, and marketers everywhere are freaking out.

XYZ hosting site just got hacked, big time. Websites are down and backups are missing – what to do?

The list goes on and on. Keep tabs on the forums and you’ll find a new crisis every month and often every week.

As you’ve probably already guessed, your lead magnet is going to offer the solution to the latest marketing crisis. Just imagine how fast marketers will give you their email address when you have the answer they desperately want NOW.

Right about now you’re asking, “But how am I going to find the solution when they can’t?”

Good old-fashioned research, that’s how.

Go to the help sections of the websites involved in the latest crisis and find out everything you can. If possible, call the website and ask all the questions you need to ask. Hit the chatrooms and forums and glean all the helpful info that is available. If you find an expert who knows what s/he’s talking about, do a quick phone interview.

Timing is everything on this, and you have got to act fast. If the crisis hits on Monday, ideally you want your lead magnet up no later than Tuesday to take full advantage of the tsunami of new leads you’re going to get.

And by the way, when you’ve got the solution everyone is desperately looking for, what does that make you? The trusted expert and authority, that’s who. Do you think people will open and read your future emails? You bet your life they will.

Now here’s the trick to getting your squeeze page in front of as many of these marketers as possible:

Outsource people to search out forums and threads where marketers are talking about this problem. If someone is looking for help, that’s where you want a link to your solution. Have your outsourcers post a link to your squeeze page offering them the answer they seek.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Oftentimes that thread and even your post offering your lead magnet will end up on page one of Google for that particular search.

Not bad, right?

And here’s the best part – your opt-in rate will be sky high. It will almost certainly top any squeeze page you currently have.

One more thing – if you want to take this just one step further, it can blow wide open.

Get podcasters to interview you, and do guest posts on as many blogs as possible.

Think about it – this problem is all over the online marketing community. What podcaster or blog owner doesn’t want to have someone with the solution to offer their listeners and readers?

Just one post on a major blog or podcast can result in a thousand subscribers in 48 hours.

Remember to position your solution not just as the answer to the problem, but also as the way to AVOID the problem for all those who aren’t already experiencing it. This way you’ll be able to grab not only the marketers looking for a solution, but also everyone else who wants to avoid this headache.

Wealth loves speed. Now go find the latest crisis, research the solution and start building that list.

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